About Us

The Ground We Walk On is a young and fast-moving creative digital media agency. We specialise in creating content for brands who are building a more sustainable future.

Our capabilities include strategic development, audio-video production, photography, website design, online course development, social media content creation and management for customers Australia wide.

We are driven by seekers and explorers at the forefront of environmental change.

  • Curiosity - We want to know more than just what you do, we probe to get behind the why and how of any project we work on. This is in our nature, it defines our work.
  • Creativity - We love to create, sometimes this is as simple as coming up with a unique camera movement or simply bringing a project to life. What ever it may be, when we are creating we are at our best.
  • Continual Improvement - Every project we are improving and learning. Constantly investing and keeping up to date with the latest technology and global trends in content creation.
  • Sustainability - We celebrate and promote sustainable and regenerative practices across all industries.

Through our internally developed content we are seeking to empower farmers to implement Regenerative Agriculture in a practical manner suited to their location and operation. Our content focuses on the how over the why, showing farmers how they can increase productivity, profitability, and resilience. Farmer to Farmer.

We develop films, interviews, and masterclasses for distribution via film through our streaming service, and social media.

Our Films | Stories of those who have gone down the road into Regenerative, Sustainable, Biodynamic, Organic or Holistic Agriculture in some form.

Masterclasses | Deep dives into particular topics by experts in the field, across all of Agriculture.

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The Ground We Walk On's Expanded Focus

We have expanded our focus here at The Ground We Walk On. Have a read to get behind our latest developments.

Angus Downer


Angus is the founder of The Ground We Walk On and in collaboration with our partners, leads all productions nationwide.

Reach out to him via email.