ARRI Alexa 35 - Adelaide

ARRI Alexa 35 - Adelaide

ARRI Alexa 35 has landed in Adelaide, South Australia! 

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the ARRI Alexa 35 for productions in Adelaide. With the addition of this camera we can offer our customers an extraordinarily high level of production.

The Alexa 35 offers some incredible features:

  • 17 stops of dynamic range with filmic highlight roll-off 
  • “High ISO” up to EI 6400 and Enhanced Sensitivity Mode 
  • Richer color rendition through REVEAL Color Science 
  • More creative control via ARRI Textures and wide lens choice 
  • Complete range of accessories and workflow tools 




We will also be hiring this out to production companies.

Hiring Options will include:

- ARRI Alexa 35
- Production set
- Lightweight set
- Apex Cine stabiliser plate
- CCM-1 Monitor
- AEM-1 Audio extension module 
- DJI Focus Pro all in one
- DJI Transmission combo
- DZO Arles F1.4  lens kit - 25, 35, 50, 75, 100
- Sachtler flowtech 100 + Miller Cinx 7 head

Available to hire now.

Further information available here: ARRI ALEXA 35


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